Housing estate Steinstraße (1929)

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Johannes Koppe

Address and directions

Steinstr. 38, 40, 44, 46
04275 Leipzig, Germany

Public transport: Steinplatz Tram 9 / Karl-Liebknecht-/Kurt-Eisner-Str. Tram 10, 11, 11E, Bus 60, 74

Today's use: Housing estate


These four houses with 32 flats were built parallel to the construction of the II. municipal library next to them. These houses act like a frame for the library. The two houses nr. 40 and 44 stand next to the library and form the small square slightly above the street level. They are not directly connected to the library.
The further architectural attraction of this complex is the buildings nr. 40 and nr. 38 as well as the buildings nr. 44 and nr. 46 are connected by winter gardens. These winter gardens have windows on two sides and are the connecting hinges between the blocks. At the rear of the complex, the apartments also have verandas, only house nr. 38 does not. All balconies were added during the restoration of the building around the year 2000. The steel frames have been preserved on the winter gardens, verandas and the stairwell windows. Strong parallels can be seen with the buildings by Joahnnes Koppe, which were erected in the Kroch housing estate in Leipzig at the same time. This housing estate was built from August 1929 to July 1930.


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