House "Scheckental" and café Savoy (1931)

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Address and directions

Pařížská 227/20
400 01 Ústí nad Labem, Czechia

Public transport: Divadlo

Today's use: Bank and abandoned

Savoy was a café, restaurant, bar and dance hall in one.


Main parts of the ground floor and first floor are used as official rooms. Once for a café, today as a bank. The house was designed with three more floors used for flats. At the corner a tower with three more lower floors makes the house rise far above the height of the neighbouring houses. What these uppermost tower storeys were used for is not clear to us. The particular vertical parts of facades are set forward or back, giving the house an expressive, constructivist impression. 


Before 1930 were two houses on this site. Parts of the former bank at Velká hradební Street were included in the new building, the small building with the name pub "Scheckental" was most likely completely demolished. The new building was completed in 1931. Until the 1990s, it continued to be used for gastronomy on the ground floor and first floor, and as a residential building above. According to some sources, the basement was used as a dance hall. Although no modernisation was carried out during the socialist time, this period also had the advantage that original interieurs were preserved. As the building was converted into a bank in the mid-90s all original furnishings were destroyed, what is considered as a tragic intervention from today's perspective.
The question who might be the house's architect is discussed a lot. Even if the name Josef Fischer was found on the planning documents, architectural experts suspect that the house could also have been designed by architect Franz Illing, due to the construction of the house and the clinker edging of the windows.


Construction types
clinker brick plaster
flagpole tower lettering
along a street centre of a city/town/village


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