Londýnská 62 (1937)

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Jiří Mašek

Address and directions

Londýnská 565/62
120 00 Prague (Praha), Czechia

Public transport: Náměstí Míru

Today's use: Apartments and shops

The shape of a ship's bow came to the streets of Prague-Vinohrady.


The ground plan of the building is more or less triangular. The triangle is expressively modified by setting back the ground floor, that helps to enlarge the space on the street on this front of the house. Shops are located there. Typical of Prague houses of the time is that they were cladded on ground floor often with travertine. A white border above the ground floor marks the beginning of the floors for living. The design of the 1st-5th floor is identical. Double casement windows on the sides, on the edge of Anglická street extended windows, near the front of the house ribbon windows that elegantly lead around the corner. The angular shape of the house is harmonised by the cylindrical, round-shaped oriel. This extends beyond the ground floor zone, allowing the living space to be enlarged. This oriel extends to the 6th floor. The flats on the 6th floor have slightly smaller layouts, but roof terraces. Due to its shape, the house has only a tiny courtyard.


Built in 1937, the house was reconstructed at the beginning of the 21st century by an architect, who specialises in functionalist buildings.

Construction types
steel skeleton
plaster stone
casement ribbon corner
terrace oriel
along a street periphere/neighbourhood


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