Apartment block Delitzscher Straße 49 (1933)

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Bock & Paatzsch

Address and directions

Delitzscher Str. 49
04129 Leipzig, Germany

Public transport: Eutritzsch Zentrum Tram 16, Bus 90

Today's use: Apartments


A rare example in Leipzig from the interwar period that the building was not built right-angled at the corner, but curved. This shape is emphasized very effectively by the shop on the ground floor, as the shop protrudes deeper into the street.
The architects Bock & Paatzsch submitted the application for the construction in March 1933, finally the permission for the the building was accepted on September 23, 1933. The iron factory Franz Mosenthin was jointly responsible for the construction, which is why it can be assumed that this house has a steel frame construction .
At the same time, the neighboring building 49a was built, but it is not included in this collection, because the style elements correspond very much to standards of traditional buildings. In 1994/95 the house was extensively modernized and the attic was expanded to accommodate apartments for which the roof windows were built.


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